The Cast of the Road Show USA
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On for the long haul...

Josh Duggan

Mark Fiddelke

Ryan Pesch

Moses Roundy

Mike Seager

Jesse Shumaker

Morgan Shumaker

Joining up for awhile and Support...

Paul Jennings

Mike Schmidt

James Peters

There will be an additional section here that includes honorary and support group members coming soon.

The cast of the Road Show USA includes 10 riders and performers. We will also be inviting local cycling, juggling, unicycling, and community groups along the way to join us for a few days.  You're welcome to join us for a few days when we come to a town near you.  Your presence would be especially appreciated if you bring some extra food along to share with the crew.

If you would like to take part in the Road Show USA, we are always looking for a spot to camp when we are coming through town.  It doesn't have to be deluxe, but any bathroom shower facilities would be greatly appreciated.