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05/30/2003 Entry: "Astoria, Oregon"

Hello from the road!

I'm am currently sitting here in Astoria, Oregon at a public library clicking away. Mark and Jeff (one of our drivers) are reading newspapers, Morgon is looking at magazines, and Moses and Josh are off looking at a bike shop. Jesse will be showing up in Astoria any minute now, and Ryan and Bruce (Ryan's father) are at the train station picking up more family. The group is really coming together.

The drive up to Astoria was long (33 hours) and rather boring. Nebraska is a more sparse Iowa, Wyoming is an extremely sparse ranch land (there was a nice storm, though), Idado was dark (it was night), and Oregon is apparently mostly dessert-like valley. The mountains were cool, but short. All those post cards of Oregon showing lush vegitation, rivers, and mountains lie. That's only the coastal part. The rest is kinda boring. Hopefully when we bike through a different section of it we will be proved wrong.

We got into town around 3-4 yesterday (PST) and waited around some at the Masonic lodge that we are staying in. A while later the bikes were unloaded and we were moving in. The lodge is amazing, we are really being spoiled these first couple nights. After we were settled in we went up to see the 125 foot high Astoria Column. It was amazing. If you click on the previous link you will be able to see the column and a few of the views it presented. It was also a little intimidating, however, as we viewed on one side the ocean we were leaving from, and the on the other side the mountains that were will be biking over.

The rest of today we will be practicing our show, and possibly have a impromptu performance tonight. Wish us luck! Tomorrow bright and early we will be hitting the road destined for Cannon Beach, ~30 miles away. An easy first day ride straight down the coast and to the ocean. YAY! We'll hopefully be able to update from there.

Please Donate to the cause and help the children. Thank you Masons for your lodging and hospitality and to Astoria Public Library for use of your computers. We'll try to write again soon. (ILYQ)

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hey guys just wanted to wish you all well before you take off have a safe ride. peace

Posted by Jared Dittman @ 06/05/2003 01:16 PM CST

Good Luck Ryan and the road show crew. :) Have fun!

Posted by Janell @ 06/05/2003 09:57 AM CST

I also wish I were there with you. I would imagine that Dr. Bob and I are only two of many riders in the vicarious caravan following your bicycle.

Good work on getting started, good luck on your impending ride, and for heaven's sake, be safe, ya monkey.

Oh, and

Posted by Qehn @ 06/05/2003 03:12 AM CST

I wish I were there with you -- although once you hit the mountains/desert I suspect I might feel differently.

Posted by dr bob @ 06/04/2003 03:35 PM CST

Good to hear you all made it there safely. I'm sad to hear that Oregon isn't as pretty as the postcards, of course that means that I'm not missing out on much sitting in Michigan.
Good luck tomorrow!

Posted by Amy @ 06/04/2003 01:17 PM CST




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