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Monday, July 21, 03

Heya folks, I managed to get a computer. YAY! A lot has happened these first few days of RAGBRAI, some fun, some very not fun. Currently the other Roadshow members are off eating, and we'll be meeting in the downtown here to juggle shortly. I'll try to fill you all in before I'm needed. I hope you all will excuse my spelling errors. I'm worn out and typing on a small laptop, so I'm definately not at my best right now.

The ride into Glenwood from Omaha was fairly uneventful. That night we ate some very good lasanga and pizza thanks to Josh's mom. We met up with Jeff (I hope I got that name right, I'm tired) a Unicycler that Jesse knows attempting to repeat Jesse, George, and Aaron's GURAI (he made it one day), Sam, Clint, and the rest of Team Kamikaze. We are staying with Team Kamikaze during for the duration of the ride and Mark and my girlfriends are riding the bus with them so they can spend time with us this week.

Glenwood to Shanindoa (sp?)
This morning was a rather unfortunate one. Mark, Sam (a kamikaze rider), Mike, and I were the last to leave camp. The rest of the roadshow and Team Kamikaze were far ahead of us. We figured we'd catch them, but, that was not to be. Around mile one coming down our first hill Mike went slightly off the road on the left side. No one is really sure what happened after that, but Mike - an experienced rider at this point - ended up sliding down much of the hill at 20 mph on his shoulder. He has severe "road rash" (the slang term for a large skin abrasions caused by close contact with pavement) all over his right shoulder and upper arm. There are also several smaller areas of road rash on other parts of his body. We administered first aid on the scene and treated him for mild shock. An ambulance showed up while I was treating him for shock and said little more than "wow, that's going to hurt." They also stood by while I immobilized the arm and did other such things that I thought were their job. They were a very useless ambulance crew. We later hitched Mike a ride back to the kamikaze camp where he road the bus into the next town.

Mike us currently doing just fine. He didn't ride today but he may be riding tomorrow. He is in good spirits and has no permanent injuries.

The rest of the day went comparitively well...

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