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Friday, June 13, 03

Hello, me again. I think I'm going out of turn by making this entry, but the other guys are all eating or uploading pictures, so it looks like I get to be heard some more.

Yesterday we climbed the mountain through Mckenzie pass. It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. There were a few downed trees and about 4-6 places we had to walk our bikes through snow, but it was pretty nice. Awesome view. (Hopefully pictures will be up very soon). The mountain was a 22 mile climb, we hit the peak at mile 28, and then it was 15 miles down the mountain and then 15 miles from Sisters to Redmond (with a tailwind!) where we spent the night. We had to stop in Sisters for some bike maintenance. I broke 2 spokes yesterday going up the mountain and Mark broke 1. Luckilly our wheels didn't explode on the way down and the mechanic in Sisters was a really awesome guy.

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Wednesday, June 11, 03

Hello again boys and girls, kiddies and kiddettes, old folks and youngin whipper snappers, and the rest of y'all good 'ol readers of this here oddessy of ... uh... stuff.

I'm am currently using an extremely slow internet connection supplied to us by by The Redmonds who were kind enough to let us strangers stay in their yard. We've had a good night spent playing with their dogs, children, and eating pancakes. Pancakes are hard to make on a camp stove. Don't do it.

The reason we had pancakes was to prepare us for the giant 4,000 foot climb up Mckenzie pass. Yes, we're going up and down the 5,000+ plus mountain pass tomorrow. Currently it's gated off and no one is really sure if it's passable at all due to snow. However, the other possible pass, Santiam pass, is 20 miles longer and has more traffic. We're going to risk it. We were told mostly likely it's still closed off due to downed trees and hillbillies and things like that, and there is probably only snow in the shadows. Lets hope, because none of us want to carry our bikes through three feet of snow. We figure worst case if the pass is impassable we'll ride back down, camp here again, and take the evil Santiam pass instead. Wish us luck.

Last night we stayed in Eugene, Oregon and met Andrew, the manager of the Flying Clipper. We were juggling outside of the library (where the last Journal entry made from) when his friend, Praise, showed up and started juggling with us. Soon Jeremy showed up, and we whisked away to the shop. There we hung for awhile and then we spent the evening in Andrew's wonderful backyard. We slept among gardens, cats, and chickens. In the morning his cat made us coffee while Andrew juggled six chickens with his mouth and his Girlfriend, Marietta, led the fig trees in a rousing sing along of "Bumblebee Tuna." It truly was a magical place where apples grew on trees and monkeys.. uhh.. did stuff. We also hung out with Fred, the crazy biker juggler who's cool, and who we can't thank enough.

That night we did our first pseudo performance and actually made some money. Yay for not being hungry. We also weren't eaten by bears, which was also incredibly good fortune. We don't like being bear food. Thanks to all in Eugene, you've made me really want to move there. We really felt welcome and we dug the "help out as much people as you can" ethics you all have going on. Thanks.

PS: Morgan rode a small 4 wheeler (ATV) tonight. No one died, and he still has all his limbs. Yay!
Pictures of the people you've just read about and the pass will be uploaded when we have a faster connection.


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Tuesday, June 10, 03

So we're in Eugene, phenominal. For about fifty miles there is nothing except small towns and then bam, welcome to Eugene. Anyways, yesterday was interesting. We spent the evening enjoying the company of the corvallis unicycling club. Talk about intense. They had about fifteen to twenty little kids running circles around us.... On Unicycles. Hats of to them, you guys are awsome. After that we spent the evening at a boy scout camp which was a change for the positive as we didn't have to worry about being poked, prickled, or robbed in the evening. Sadly we have had problems with all of these things in the last couple of days. I want my radio back. Anyways, Eugene is big and I want to enjoy it. More later.

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Monday, June 9, 03

Today - the ride to Corvallis

Even after a relaxing day yesterday, we were still pretty tired when we woke up. The weather was nice and cool and we made good time riding. We met up with Josh in Rickreall so we are back to a team of six. The rest of the ride went pretty smoothly overall. This afternoon we were treated to free showers and some time in the pool at the Aquatic Center in Corvallis. Tonight we're meeting up with the unicycling and juggling club in Corvallis for some circus fun. Thanks to their leader Angela, we've got a roof to sleep under tonight.


Yesterday - the ride to Grand Ronde

After a rough day Saturday, we all needed a good nights sleep. We got rolling out of Pacific City around 9am. We adjusted the routing to have a more relaxing day to make up for the day before. The riding went very well on Sunday. We had a gradual climb on a scenic road that went through Siuslaw National Forest. There was almost no traffic and it was quite beautiful. We took our lunchbreak Rose Lodge when the sun started to shine. From Rose Lodge to Pacific City we were on a busy road so we couldn't enjoy the scenery so much. We stopped for the night in Grand Ronde, which happens to be on an Indian Reservation. We got permission to camp on a meadow under some giant powerlines a ways off the highway. Luckily, we were close to a river with a great swimming hole nearby. After eating dinner we put in some practice juggling for awhile. Perhaps the best thing about Sunday, was that we had no mechanical problems!

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So yesterday (6/7/03) was quite the day. A tale of separation and an unfortunate accident that turned out okay. Many lessons have been learned and unfortunately a member of the Roadshow USA is going home.

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