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Tuesday, May 30, 03

I've been with this ragtag bunch for only a month, but in that time I've gained a lifetime's worth of stories and experiances. From finding shelter in the rain, to scaring children's parents; from seeing famous buildings, to a love-hate relationship with my sweet sweet highway twenty.
This was one of those crazy things you can only do once in your life, and I'm glad I took the chance to do it.

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Wednesday, August 13, 03

Mechanics Log: Supplimental 29001

Due to an issue concerning the closing of the library earlier a supplimental entry is neccesary for the avoidance of confusion regaurding one (1) Roadshow USA.

In regards to Seager's Wallet: Seager's wallet was lost in Ottoville, Ohio, several weeks ago. He (I) failed to report the loss due to laziness and/or laziness. The wallet was later found in Ottoville by a janitor and his son at the church near the park the roadshow was earlier staying at. They then contacted the parents of one Seager and sent the wallet to them. The parents of said Seager then sent the wallet general delivery to Dalton, Mass. Seager is now able to pick up his bus tickets home and can afford to eat again. Thank you for finding my wallet.

In regards to Mike learning how to solve the rubiks cube: In Ilian Roadshow rider Mike (Mike) finally learned how to solve the rubiks cube thanks to the teaching of Norm (Moses) and a large amount of alien assistance. He is overjoyed. He would like to mention, however, that Seager is still cooler than he is.

In regards to Mass: Mass is beautiful. Very. It's like a mini west. Mini mountains, mini forests, and all the people in the west crammed into a mini space. Less cars would be appreciated. Attention gov. of Mass: please kick some people out of your state, there are too many people here.

In regards to our wheel bearings and "Typical Roadshow Luck (tm)": We failed to mention earlier that Mark and Seagers (my) rear wheel bearings are going out. They sound like there is sand inside the wheel. It is theorized that some of the roads in eastern Ohio contributed to the bearing damage significantly due to the crushing action potholes tend to have on wheel bearings when hit at 20 mph. There are also theories that the bearings are actually fine and that the noises are aliens attempting to communicate with us. These theories generally make the most sense in the early morning.

In regards to Seager saying it hadn't rained today: IT RAINED TODAY AFTER THE ENTRY WAS MADE. A large rain, in fact, that knocked down trees onto the road. Mark, Mike, and Seager hid under an overhang for most of it. The other riders were not hit by said storm.

In regards to the other riders we met today: In Ware (the overnight) the Roadshow riders met three (3) members of the Flying Rudabega Cycle Circus known as Mary, Mary, and Adam. They are riding from Providence to Mt. Pilier, Vermont. They are staying with the Roadshow tonight in a city park. They wear mosquito nets and look like ghosts. I'm scared. Please, someone hold me.

In regards to the existance of this update: The Roadshow riders would like to thank Jack for letting us use his internet, stove, shower, and house for a few hours. We would also like to thank Dave, the park manager, for getting us in contact with Jack. We owe you both a lot.

: End Supplimentary Log : ILYQ :

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So, ware are we...hehehe. Anyways, Seager pretty much covered most of the important stuff so I'll talk about some of the more insignificant details. Such as getting "The Best Subs EVER." Normally I am not the kind of person to get excited about such things but what can I say. Me Jesse and Paul had stayed on the bike path instead of risking bike and limb on twenty. As a result we stumbled acrossed a grocery/sub place called tommy's. If you are ever in the area and want some really good food this is the place to stop. Laura, the mother of the owner, bought us all subs and chips and made us feal right at home. All of us were very pleased and are very thankfull. Meeting cool people is the best part of the trip. If for some reason we have bumped into you and we forget to mention you we are sorry. You are all cool and stuff.
That being said, it is now time to try and find a place to sleep for the evening.
Norm out

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Scotia to Dalton

Mark, Seager and I got up early and got ready quickly so we could get to Seager's wallet in Dalton before the post office closed. We didn't get on the road before the eternally fast Jesse, but we were ready before almost everyone else.

We started out riding from Scotia into Schenectady on the western edge of the Albany metropolitan area. Knowing that we would be in a hurry to get through, Shenectady decided to have much road construction. We found the only safe way to get through it was to occupy the lane and not let any cars pass.

We started out fast from a traffic light, and a block later were almost up to 20 mph when Seager hit a bump and his right rear pannier jumped ship and got dragged down the road by a bungee cord. Mark and I were of course laughing hysterically. Seager's rain cover was no longer waterproof now that there were holes in it, but he got it reattached and we got on our way.

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Hello folks, Greatings from Amherst, Mass. I'll be doing the entry reguarding Baldwinsville to Illion to Scotia, and Mike will be writing about our adventures from Scotia to Dalton to Amherst. We're not staying in Amherst tonight, however, we're moving on to Ware (Where are we going? Ware. Where? Exactly. What?) Jesse may be doing a simultanious update from Northampton so if lots of entries show up at once, don't be scared. They won't hurt you. The excess will simply pass right through, like Vitamin C.

(And yes, these entries are good for your immune system as well.)

I pity the fool who don't click the more button to read the rest of mah entry! Huah!

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