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Thursday, July 3, 03

Hello folks, we're in Duboise, Wyoming. Long time no talk. I have the daunting task of relating 4 days to you and also some other things that were missed by previous entries. Because most of those things I forgot about, I'll try my best to summarize. A few days (weeks?) ago when Mike and I were leaving Grangeville (on the way to lowell, I believe) Mike's front tire developed a bulge. Fixing it involved hitchiking back into Grangeville and about an hour or two of work. Needless to day the others really wondered where we went. The next day Mark broke four spokes from Lowell to Powell in a day filled with freezing rain. He and I were well behind the group fixing it the whole day. Going up Chief Joseph pass a few days later, Mike had a slew of mechanical problems the mainly involved his rim strips (the strip between the tire and the wheel the covers the spoke holes) blowing out and exploding his tires. This made everyone wait for us again. Somehow, I'm always in the back with the people having mechanical problems. *sigh* I've seemed to become the default mechanic on the trip, which is nice because I like to fix bikes, but, rather bothersome because I'm getting really sick of fixing them on the side of busy highways either in scalding sun or freezing rain. I also managed to get sick in Wisdom and just got over the illness while in Yellowstone.

And now, the last four days in 20 minutes...

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