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Friday, June 6, 03

Mark forgot to mention that He, Josh, and I went and saw a band our last night in Astoria. It rocked. They were called "Devil Makes Three" and were described to us as a mix between punk and bluegrass. And, well, that's kind of what they were. They had an electric acoustic, an electric guitar modified to sound like a banjo with some metal, and a stand-up bass.

Mark and I were walking around earlier that day and found out that Astoria rules. We even got free ice cream, and met the local hippie population (who are the ones that told us about the concert.) We want to say hi to the Mallternative and who gave us internet access. They are good people.

Thanks to all of you who have signed out guestbook, we really appreciate the support. (ILYQ)

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Well, we're sitting in the library of Tillamook, and after a 40 mile day it feels good to be done. There were two big hills(nothing too serious though), and lots of dense, cold fog in the morning. But first, I'll tell you about yesterday. We had 3 flats. Jesse, then Morgan, then myself. It was less than fun, but after lots of patches and breaks and such we made it to Cannon Beach. We were forced to camp in a camp ground due to some local ordinance against tents in yards. Oh well. It was very pretty and quite comfortable. Well, at least until nightfall, and the raccoons came and poked at everything we left out, including food, clothes, peanut butter, and trail mix. Some of the less protected food was missing in the morning. I actually got up and moved some pans and gatorade in the middle of the night after Jesse's warning. The critters were as scared of me as i was of them. Good thing, some of them were quite large. We played firsbee and attempted to juggle that night on a beautiful beach, with a large (and by large I mean HUGE) rock 100 yards off-shore. The ocean was extra cold but some of us got wet anyway, the air was hot and the water felt good once we got out and started to dry. I doubt I've ever been that cold in my entire life. Wow. Today we rode over the hills to the afore mentioned Tillamook. The mountain had a great view of the surrounding land/ocean, or so we're told by a local, the fog was far too thick for us to see more than about 10 feet over the edge. Seager and I went ahead and planned to wait at the next town, Manzanita. After about 35 minutes of waiting Morgan showed up, alone. We were confused. So we went inside the restaurant that was there, a very nicely kept place, with a friendly and cute waitress. The place was called Big Wave Cafe. Very nice palce, with very good hot chocolate, that we had a cup of, on the house even, because of our ride to help kids. Yay for people with soft spots. :) Inside Morgan informed us that there was some spoke problems with Josh's bike and that explained the slowness on the part of the others. Turned out that Jesse had to retrue 75% of the spokes in Josh's rim. This is very strange and will require some work tonight as well. Jesse just informed me that we're staying at a local Lutheran church for free. Sweet. There are new pictures being upload as I type this, so they should be up by the time you read this. Thanks to everyone signing our guest book and encouraging us. It helps a lot, especially in these early days when we haven't had much success juggling and our bodies aren't in top physical form. We love all of you. On a personal note: ILI(M).


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Wednesday, June 4, 03

Hello from the road!

I'm am currently sitting here in Astoria, Oregon at a public library clicking away. Mark and Jeff (one of our drivers) are reading newspapers, Morgon is looking at magazines, and Moses and Josh are off looking at a bike shop. Jesse will be showing up in Astoria any minute now, and Ryan and Bruce (Ryan's father) are at the train station picking up more family. The group is really coming together.

The drive up to Astoria was long (33 hours) and rather boring. Nebraska is a more sparse Iowa, Wyoming is an extremely sparse ranch land (there was a nice storm, though), Idado was dark (it was night), and Oregon is apparently mostly dessert-like valley. The mountains were cool, but short. All those post cards of Oregon showing lush vegitation, rivers, and mountains lie. That's only the coastal part. The rest is kinda boring. Hopefully when we bike through a different section of it we will be proved wrong.

We got into town around 3-4 yesterday (PST) and waited around some at the Masonic lodge that we are staying in. A while later the bikes were unloaded and we were moving in. The lodge is amazing, we are really being spoiled these first couple nights. After we were settled in we went up to see the 125 foot high Astoria Column. It was amazing. If you click on the previous link you will be able to see the column and a few of the views it presented. It was also a little intimidating, however, as we viewed on one side the ocean we were leaving from, and the on the other side the mountains that were will be biking over.

The rest of today we will be practicing our show, and possibly have a impromptu performance tonight. Wish us luck! Tomorrow bright and early we will be hitting the road destined for Cannon Beach, ~30 miles away. An easy first day ride straight down the coast and to the ocean. YAY! We'll hopefully be able to update from there.

Please Donate to the cause and help the children. Thank you Masons for your lodging and hospitality and to Astoria Public Library for use of your computers. We'll try to write again soon. (ILYQ)

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Sunday, June 1, 03

Alrighty boys and girls, it's June 1st, 12am, and time for the first official roadshow entry.

Sorry to those of you that commented on our previous entries. Those entries were just tests. They were pitiful excuses for entries and your comments deserved better. If you'd like to make a general comment, please use our Guestbook, as that is now functional. (YAY!) And, as always, feel free to comment on our specific entries here. We would love to hear from you. (it will get lonely out there)

Tomorrow morning we leave Ames, Iowa for Astoria, Oregon. Well, at least some of us do. I think Jesse may be already there. Maybe not. To tell you the truth, no one really knows where Jesse is right now. We think he's alive, but if not, no worries. He's bouncy.

Hopefully by tomorrow we'll get the press and show pages up, and expect the spiffy custom written photos page soon as well. (thanks Josh) I know we're cutting it close, but hey, anything worth doing is worth doing by the seat of your pants.

Speaking of worth doing, Please Donate to the Shriner's Children's Hospitals. Make this whole thing worthwhile.

Goodnight, and remember to stay tuned in. This whole thing is about to get real exciting!


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