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05/30/2003 Entry: "concerning a band in Astoria"

Mark forgot to mention that He, Josh, and I went and saw a band our last night in Astoria. It rocked. They were called "Devil Makes Three" and were described to us as a mix between punk and bluegrass. And, well, that's kind of what they were. They had an electric acoustic, an electric guitar modified to sound like a banjo with some metal, and a stand-up bass.

Mark and I were walking around earlier that day and found out that Astoria rules. We even got free ice cream, and met the local hippie population (who are the ones that told us about the concert.) We want to say hi to the Mallternative and who gave us internet access. They are good people.

Thanks to all of you who have signed out guestbook, we really appreciate the support. (ILYQ)

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When you finally get to a computer you will have some reading to do since I am sending yet another note. Spoke with some people this a.m. in church and their 2 grandsons are involved in a biking across America and one is doing a run across America, the southern route. Guess they were both involved in a biking event last year and did very well. They will end up in Washington D.C. I can't remember who they are working for but they had to raise a bunch of money and the key to their success was Wal-Mart. The 2 grandsons are from Colorado and where they live there are 4 Wal-Marts and supposedly they received almost $5000.00 in donations. Now I don't know what they had to present to obtain the funds but this might be something for you to think about if you decide to do this again.
Hot here today, lucky you aren't taking the southern route, 102 degress. Looks like that temperature will continue for a while. Hope the trip is going well. Hugs, and love, Aunt Nancy

Posted by Aunt Nancy @ 06/08/2003 08:52 PM CST

Hi, Mike!! Hello from Iowa City. We are all enjoying your web page and journal. Congrats on the Peace Corps! We are so proud of you too. So glad you are having fun and seeing beautiful sights. Wonderful pictures! Have you eaten at Subway yet? (ha ha)
your sister et al

Posted by Dannye, Aaron, Robbie, Rose, Bess, and Leah @ 06/07/2003 09:36 PM CST

Hey Mark, today is 6/7, and I didn't see a posting for the journal, probably not close to a computer. Anyway, just thought a note was needed to let you know that I was thinking about you. Don't know if you remember, but you started this trip the same day your grandmother passed away 5 years ago. I know, it is not something a college student remembers but I thought it might be important since she thought about you a lot and was very interested in your life and what you were doing. Hope all is going well on the trip. I saw a couple of other notes from "Aunt Nancy" but they were addressed to someone else in your group so doubt that we are confused. Tomorrow is a long day at church. Since I am the deacon in charge of communion I will be attending all three services plus do the clean up work after the last service. I think you remember Pastor Andy, pretty neat fella, anyway, he will be doing the services so attendance should be high. Don't know any family news, hope that you hear from your family frequently. Hugs and love, Aunt Nancy

Posted by Aunt Nancy @ 06/07/2003 09:21 PM CST

Mike et al.

I signed your guest page and read daily your entries. What a great adventure and what good all of you guys are doing. If you are near or far and need anything, don't hesitate to call ((928) 606-0242 cell). Love, Aunt Nanc and Uncle Kent

Posted by Aunt Nanc (Mike's) @ 06/07/2003 08:18 PM CST

Hi Mike,

What adventures you and your mates are going to have...wish that you were riding down to see us at the beach. We pray for God's blessing on your ride with good weather and long straight roads ahead.

Miss you and have a wonderful time.
Aunt Sheila & Uncle Steve

Posted by Aunt Sheila and Uncle Steve from Redondo Beach, California @ 06/07/2003 01:15 AM CST

Good news for Mike that deserves to be shared. Mike, the Regional Office of the Peace Corps has recommended (to the national headquarters) that you be accepted by the "Health Extension" Peace Corps program. The head of the regional recruiting office wrote "Congratulations, Mike, and good luck!" We are very proud of you.

Posted by The other Seager @ 06/06/2003 10:29 PM CST

Mark, how are things going? Your mother gave me the website, since didn't bother, but I have it now and will stay in touch. Glad to hear that, other than flat tires, you have had a good start. Fortunately your trip is all north, it is currently 100+ degrees everyday here. Just thought I would let you know that I was thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers for a safe and successful journey. Stay in touch and God be with you. Aunt Nancy

Posted by Aunt Nancy @ 06/06/2003 09:49 PM CST




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