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05/30/2003 Entry: "Eugene OR"

So we're in Eugene, phenominal. For about fifty miles there is nothing except small towns and then bam, welcome to Eugene. Anyways, yesterday was interesting. We spent the evening enjoying the company of the corvallis unicycling club. Talk about intense. They had about fifteen to twenty little kids running circles around us.... On Unicycles. Hats of to them, you guys are awsome. After that we spent the evening at a boy scout camp which was a change for the positive as we didn't have to worry about being poked, prickled, or robbed in the evening. Sadly we have had problems with all of these things in the last couple of days. I want my radio back. Anyways, Eugene is big and I want to enjoy it. More later.

So on our first evening our camp was raided by racoons. Personaly, I lost all of my bread and anything else that smelled like food. Ryan, who is no longer with us, even had the bag containing his cell phone chewed through. My question is what kind of animal would think that a cell phone is food?
The next evening we did pretty well as we got to sleep on a lawn. The night after, however, we awoke to the sight of two of our radios missing and a couple of seat packs opened and rumaged through. Finally the camping spot in grande Ronde had those annoying prickly plants everywhere and they poked throught the tent. Suck.

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Thanks for a nice write up about the Corvallis Juggling and Unicycling Club! We were glad to help you out and hope your trip is eventful in fun adventures and uneventful in mishaps.
Angela Schwindt

Posted by Angela Schwindt @ 06/11/2003 09:57 PM CST

Hey Guys!! I am doing fine, sleeping long and laying around. It sucks to hear about the radios, but is great to hear about Josh's nice encounter with a family. It seems Oregon is filled with them. I am thinking about rejoining in Wyoming or later but am still undecided. Give me your opinions, other news not posted and everything else.

Posted by Ryan @ 06/11/2003 03:31 PM CST

Hey Pookie, by which I mean Seager. I'm glad you've found some favorable roosts. Anyway, I've happened across another couple of bikers in whose trip you and your audience may be interested. They're biking from Seattle to Santa Barbara in an effort to raise awareness of modern-day slavery. I don't know if it's kosher to link to them here or not, but I've always been the cutting-edge rebellious sort. Check them out here.

Posted by Qehndrah @ 06/11/2003 06:58 AM CST

Hey hey hey. Firstly, best of luck to all of you. "Luck" meaning best of weather, lodging,food, donations and friendly women. By "friendly women" . . . . I just mean friendly women. Errr . . . . anyway. Secondly, mr. seager - am thinking of you and hope you are being your most responsible and careful self, while still having a very good time, of course. Hmmmm. That is all. Oh - kidding about that. No - let me know when/where y'all are going to be in Iowa/with RAGBRAI so I/we can come harass/be nice and helpful to you all. That is for serious all. Much love. The End.

Posted by Ah-Z @ 06/11/2003 12:33 AM CST

After looking at today's pictures I must say I am highly impressed by those little kids.
I'm also pleased that they haved named a school, a center, and a pool after me. I shall have to visit them someday.

Posted by Amy @ 06/10/2003 05:39 PM CST

Hi Over at Tom's going over your travel news. Weather here mild...hope yours is similar. Tom has his car parked underneath the basket again so can't give him bball lessons tonite. Will have dinner with him instead. Sounds like you guys are having a great trip. Sounds like the raccoons aren't your best friends. Think of you a lot. Have a safe trip. Love you, DAD

Posted by Josh's Dad @ 06/10/2003 05:14 PM CST




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