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05/30/2003 Entry: "P-something, Oregon the day after Redmond"

Hello, me again. I think I'm going out of turn by making this entry, but the other guys are all eating or uploading pictures, so it looks like I get to be heard some more.

Yesterday we climbed the mountain through Mckenzie pass. It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. There were a few downed trees and about 4-6 places we had to walk our bikes through snow, but it was pretty nice. Awesome view. (Hopefully pictures will be up very soon). The mountain was a 22 mile climb, we hit the peak at mile 28, and then it was 15 miles down the mountain and then 15 miles from Sisters to Redmond (with a tailwind!) where we spent the night. We had to stop in Sisters for some bike maintenance. I broke 2 spokes yesterday going up the mountain and Mark broke 1. Luckilly our wheels didn't explode on the way down and the mechanic in Sisters was a really awesome guy.

Speaking of mechanical problems, let me fill you on the the count. We've had to have 3 wheels either fixed or rebuilt, gone through 4 tires, somewhere around 10 tubes, and had a rack break. It's been a long 1.5 weeks. We're slowing outfitting our bikes with Kevlar tires as we blow gaping holes in the current sub par ones whenever we nick a pebble, so soon we'll be safe. Assuming we can afford it.

Last night we spend the evening in Redmond at a church that a really nice lady hooked us up with. She even drove us to a grocery store after we got settled. Most of the guys even got showers. We didn't get into town until about 6 pm, however, so no juggling ensued.

Currently I am in the Cook County Library 22 miles out of Redmond. We have 50 miles left to go and another 4,000+ foot pass to get over before we're done for the day. Wish us luck. Internet access is sketchy 'round these parts, but we'll do out best to keep you updated.

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i think that ryan is hot

Posted by holly @ 06/16/2003 03:02 PM CST

Hi guys. If you want to e-mail me do so. Send everything you can. I've tried once before but you must have missed it. Sounds like it's going pretty well.

Posted by Ryan Pesch @ 06/13/2003 10:14 PM CST

Dear Gang,
What a trip you are having.Hope the bikes hold up for you.Itwas 82degrees today and suppose be the same tomorrow.
What is the temperature there?
I hope all of you have a greater appreciation of nature as this trip
Will sign off for now. Love and Prayers

Posted by Grandma Patricia Goodell-Jesse and Morgan @ 06/13/2003 09:11 PM CST

New e mail address but you will recognize my name as Jesse and Morgan are my guys!
I am a bit envious I have gotten too old to to do such fun stuff, great going everyone, do it while you can!
Love the pictures, as usual, and the journal is fun to read, as are the notes you are getting.
Janice says the kids at Chase City, VA Elem School are enjoying the website and have been following your progress. School is out as of today but they can follow you at home on their PCs.

Posted by Granny Carolyn @ 06/13/2003 08:02 PM CST

A though : Since you are having to buy so many KEVLAR tires, why not have one of your sharp business friends contact one of the companies that makes the KEVLAR tire and get them to provide the tires free for an endorsement after the journey and use of some of your pictures !!!! Also ask for a health contribution. Someone , a Dad or someone who knows about your project should be the one . In desperation, if you cannot find anyone to do it, I would be willing to try it --but need to know all about what tire companies make the tire and which tire ( company ) you prefer, if any, why it is better, etc. THINK LIKE A BUSINESSMAN,GANG !!It is for a good cause !! Dick Curtis

Posted by Dick Curtis, an unknown cousin of Jesse Shumaker @ 06/13/2003 07:34 PM CST

Hi guys, we are checking on your progress every day. Pretty amazing stuff. The pictures are wesome and look better on the big screen at work, so I try to check the site before I go home.So glad you got through the snowy mountain pass and didn't blow any tires on the way down. Three guys who from Oregon and arrived on bikes in orange City Sunday had to go through a different pass becasue of the snow; it was 20 miles longer. Ugh! (They have a support van, though. Sissies!)
Mark, call us again...I didn't get to talk to you but am worried whether you need something following the burglary of your campsite.
Hope you all remember to phone your dads on Sunday.
Hugs, see you in Council Bluffs!

Posted by Michele (Mark's Mom) Fiddelke @ 06/13/2003 05:49 PM CST

Hi Road Show Gang - especially to my guys - Morgan & Jesse. You guys are all doing great. We are proud of each one of you! Our prayes are with you everyday. We can't wait to see the pictures and read the journal every day. Our atlas is the centerpiece on our dining room table where we have your trip mapped out state by state. With love, Mom XXOO & Dad

Posted by Genie.....Jesse & Morgan's mom @ 06/13/2003 05:14 PM CST

Hi! I am Amy's mother. Amy is Josh's girl friend. I try to check your journal every day while I'm at work and remember you in my prayers every night. Josh, sorry I didn't say Hi! when I answered the phone last night, but I was asleep. That is O.K. I don't mind being woke up, but I felt bad later when I realized that it was you. We are going to put up a US map in the kitchen and update it everyday so we can keep track of where you are. Ride safely everyone and enjoy!! Love, Mrs. S.

Posted by Sherry Sheldon @ 06/13/2003 03:08 PM CST

Greetings from Kansas. Glad to hear your tour is going well. I have been thinking of you guys as I cruise down I-70 at 75mph with the AC on listening to my satellite radio wondering which value meal to order at Subway. Boy was that a run-on sentence. That's public schools for you, huh?

Keep on peddling and we'll see you when you get into town. Gotta go, I think Jared just walked in.

Posted by The Amazing Arthur @ 06/13/2003 02:45 PM CST




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