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05/30/2003 Entry: "New Meadows"

Today is my fifth day of riding with the roadshow. I joined a little late but they tell me I'm doing well, so I'm happy. Since my bio isn't up yet, I'll tell you a little about myself. I graduated in May from Iowa State with a BS in Materials Engineering. I don't have a job yet, but I can't work while I'm riding my bike now can I? I've been juggling for several years, but I got much better this year and learned to pass clubs and ride a unicycle. I was very involved in music at ISU; I was in the marching band and several choirs, as well as the musical this year. My contribution to the show is a flaming staff that I spin and throw. It looks pretty cool. OK, that's more than a little about me.
Yesterday we got up at 4:00 a.m. to try to beat the heat. We started down into Hell's Canyon and stopped at a little gas station where the lady was less than friendly. She proceeded to stare at us while we ate second breakfast, and we were happy to get on the road. It was a pretty nice downhill for a few miles until we turned to head for the dam. There was a steep up and down but it leveled out again. When we got to the dam, the guys we thought were ahead of us weren't there.

It turns out they missed the turn and got to spend a little extra time in Hell's Canyon.
We crossed into Mountain Time going up the really steep dam and when we got to the top we had more climbing ahead. On the way up we stopped at a store where the lady was more than friendly and she filled up all our water bottles with ice water for us to make the climb out of Hell's Canyon. It was a brutal climb; we all stopped several times on the way up. Luckily it was only 105 when we got to the top. Our fearless leader told us it was all downhill from there, but we knew better than to believe him. The end of the day wasn't too bad though, and we rolled into Cambridge around 2:00.
We set up camp under the water tower and soon had an interesting visitor. There was another biker going the other way who stopped to camp with us. He was a short, fat, long haired, balding man who seemed to live for beer. He was pretty nice but I was happy when we left him behind. There was quite a storm that kicked up but only a little rain on us. It was way too windy to keep playing frisbee, with 45 or 50 mph gusts. It was a little scary but it was so nice to have it cool off.
This morning we woke up severely lacking in sleep and started east once again. We had a bunch of flat and then our first climb. It wasn't nearly as bad as yesterday, but it was still tiring for us. After the first climb the elevation map told us we had more flat and then another climb. When we started going down a really big hill we were a little confused, and for the rest of the day we kept waiting for the second climb. It didn't come. There were lots of shallow ups and downs, but no big climb.
None of the road today had shoulders, and the speed limit is 65, so there were some scary encounters. One time there was an ambulance with its siren and lights on coming from the other way, and a truck decided it didn't need to slow down, so it went by about 2 feet away from us going 65. It was scary, but we made it just fine.
About 4 miles from town, on a flat stretch of road, Seager broke a spoke. About 3 miles from town Jesse got a flat tire and had to change it on the side of the road. He made it in and Norm and Morgan found us an awesome place to stay. We are inside, and we have a kitchen and bathroom. It's great.
That's all for now folks.

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Hey Seager-
Hope you guys are having a wonderful time! We are thinking about you often. Miss you. Have a blast!

Posted by Kanga @ 06/30/2003 04:30 PM CST

Hi Mike,
It was great to read your trip update. I'm so proud of you for doing this for the Shriners.
I'm looking forward to a phone call so we can finish our chat about your replacement tent pole. Here's what I know.
Eureka will mail (USPS) a replacement pole to a Post Office along your trip for you to pick up. This would take up to 10 days. They could UPS a pole to a residence or business address. This would take up to 5 days. (I like this option best - but need an address for delivery. You could probably have it by next Monday 6/30 if you can figure out a place to which we can UPS it. Do you guys or your support people or sponsors know anyone along your route near where you'll be in about a week? Let me know OK?
I'd like to order the aluminum (replacement) poles for you if you don't mind. Another fiberglas pole could break like the first one did.
Hope the cell phone's still working and that you're OK. We went to the Palecek reunion in Omro yesterday. It was Amy's Dad's 50th birthday. You and Amy are relatives after all. Her great grandfather Joe and your great grandfather John were brothers.
I've been passing out your Roadshow web address to anyone who shows interest [and probably a few people too polite to cut me off] :-)
Stay safe and have fun Tiger. Love, Dad

Posted by Mike's Dad @ 06/23/2003 04:39 PM CST

Hi guys, Mary & I just returned from ourWindjammer trip. What a difference in weather. Hot, Humid, Hot & Humid.
Just looked over all of the pictues and journal entries that have ben posted to date and it sounds like all is well andyou are progressing as planned. Keep uo the good work you are doing and we will see you again in Omaha, July 17th.
I need an Omaha address for Josh Duggan for the Blue Lodge Petition program. Doesn't need to be permanent one, just one for the records.

Posted by John O'Loughlin @ 06/23/2003 11:51 AM CST

Hi Josh. I am over at Tom's
and Liz's. Just saw the really neat pictures you took around the eighteenth of June. They were great. I came over here and we watched the College World Series. Rice beat Stanford in 10 innings. Heckuva game. It kind of hot here but the last couple of days haven't been to humid. I'm rootig for the Rice Owls to win the Series. I've got to get back to Lindenwood now. Keep having fun and
dont roast to death.Keep up the good work and keep sending messages.

Love, Dad

Posted by Jack Duggan @ 06/21/2003 10:21 PM CST

The pictures are wonderful and get better all the time!Reading your journal and looking at the pictures are a real treat.
Take care and don't try to be Supermen, stop and smell the roses along the way, health is more important than timelines!
Granny Carolyn

Posted by Granny Carolyn @ 06/21/2003 11:02 AM CST

Reviewing your Journal and the photos is a highlight of each day for us. And controlling our anxieties (mine are nothing compared with your Grandma's) when a day or two passes without an update is not an easy task. But of course it's nothing compared with the challenge you guys are facing each day. Know that you are being prayed for and are being followed along the trail as you head East (plus North and South as the trail winds along). We're all looking forward to the day you guys make Omaha. Yeah! For now, take care ... and don't forget your prayers either!

Posted by Frank ( Jesse's and Morgan's Grandpa) @ 06/20/2003 09:12 PM CST

Upon looking at this entry this morning I realized that the subject of it tells the town... but being stupid like I am I didn't notice it yesterday cause it's not on the actual journal page... you only see it after you go to the read more, and by the time I went there I was already halfway through with the reading, so of course I didn't read the top again.
Perhaps it would be good to have the subjects on the main journal page, or if that isn't possible then have the city somewhere other than just in the subject.
Just a thought...

Posted by Amy @ 06/20/2003 08:52 PM CST

FYI: for those following along on the map. Yesterday (Thursday) the guys arrived in New Meadows, Idaho.

Posted by Corrie @ 06/20/2003 06:12 PM CST

i agree with the others. it is hard enough to try and find the tiny towns you mention on maps. Leave the schedule and I have no clue about what state you are in let alone what town.
keep your game faces on and keep smiling. Love the pics

Posted by Louise from OZ @ 06/20/2003 07:12 AM CST

We LOVE seeing the daily pictures and reading the journal. Josh, you are a gifted photographer! Stay safe on those roads...we pray daily for all of you. Stay cool when you can. Jesse & was so good hearing your voices tonight. Search for a hotel SOON for a night of TV, swimming and Air Conditioning....and showers! We love you! Dad & Mom

Posted by Genie & David @ 06/19/2003 10:28 PM CST

Yeah, I'm with Aunt Nancy here... ever since ya'll varied from the original schedule I'm a bit confused about where you are and since Josh didn't bother to answer my email today that asked about that I'm still confused. :P
Our refigerator map is confused too, please help it.

Posted by Amy @ 06/19/2003 09:41 PM CST

Mark, where are you? I have lost you on my map. It is kind of important that who ever writes in the journal should leave a town or city name so those of us that are following you know where to look. Glad all are o.k. after the scary ride with an ambulance and a truck that lost its patience. Keep all of you in my prayers. Aunt Nancy

Posted by Aunt Nancy @ 06/19/2003 09:05 PM CST




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