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05/30/2003 Entry: "Duboise, Wyoming"

Hello folks, we're in Duboise, Wyoming. Long time no talk. I have the daunting task of relating 4 days to you and also some other things that were missed by previous entries. Because most of those things I forgot about, I'll try my best to summarize. A few days (weeks?) ago when Mike and I were leaving Grangeville (on the way to lowell, I believe) Mike's front tire developed a bulge. Fixing it involved hitchiking back into Grangeville and about an hour or two of work. Needless to day the others really wondered where we went. The next day Mark broke four spokes from Lowell to Powell in a day filled with freezing rain. He and I were well behind the group fixing it the whole day. Going up Chief Joseph pass a few days later, Mike had a slew of mechanical problems the mainly involved his rim strips (the strip between the tire and the wheel the covers the spoke holes) blowing out and exploding his tires. This made everyone wait for us again. Somehow, I'm always in the back with the people having mechanical problems. *sigh* I've seemed to become the default mechanic on the trip, which is nice because I like to fix bikes, but, rather bothersome because I'm getting really sick of fixing them on the side of busy highways either in scalding sun or freezing rain. I also managed to get sick in Wisdom and just got over the illness while in Yellowstone.

And now, the last four days in 20 minutes...

Virgina City, Montanna:

Virgina City is a theme town that is meant to look like the old west. They have a Vlaudeville show that is extremely hilarious. We met with the guy that runs it, Peter, a Shriner, and he let us get in free and perform for 10 minutes after intermission. It was our first stage performance and extremely hard to squeeze down that short, but we had a go of it and it turned out really well. The audience loved us (it helps that the show warmed them up) and were very appreciative. That night we hung out with the cast members and had a good 'ol time. I went to bed early (I was still sick) as did Norm, Morgan and Jesse, but Mike, Mark and Josh enjoyed a bonfire put on by the castmembers until the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say we left a little later in the morning the next day than usual.

Virgina City to Some Random Campground 50 miles away (Day 1 of headwinds):

We started out the day with a rather steep 5 mile climb. Once at the top we stopped because we the needed to replace all the rim strips on the bikes (see above) because all of them were ready to blow through. Since this happens without warning we needed to do this before the next big downhill or risk becoming airborne at 30+ mph. This took a few hours, and combined with the late start we had only done 5 miles by 12:30. It soon got hot and suddenly windy Not just a little windy, but a crazy monkey lot of windy. It was a steady 40+ mph headwind for the entire day that pretty much killed us. It came at enough of an angle that drafting was ineffective. The massive headwinds combined with Norm being sick that morning (a different kind of sick than me) caused us to cut the day 15 miles short and stay in "Some Random Campground." (tm)

Some Random Campground to West Yellowstone (Day 2 of headwinds)

We left REALLY REALLY early the next day in an attempt to beat the wind. We rode past Quake Lake were we watched a video about how there was a big earthquake back in the 40's or 50's that caused a landslide to smash down into the Madison river creating a lake. Most of the video, however, focused on the massive amounts of people who died in Yellowstone and near the lake instead of the science behind it, so it was kind of a downer. It also was sure to mention that "IT COULD HAPPEN AGAIN, AT ANY TIME" which made us feel real safe.

Norm was feeling extra sick that morning and left a few hours after us. The rest of us made it into West Yellowstone in the early afternoon and managed to beat the headwinds for the first half of the day. The second half ... well... was windy. It was only a 38 mile day, however, so it wasn't that tough. We managed to stay inside at a church, which was nice because it allowed us to make a massive Cheeseburger feast followed by renting a movie (Terminator 2 so we can watch T3 when it comes out in the theaters) and then fall asleep full of burgers and with images of Ah-nold dancing through our heads.

Before dinner we walked around town and visited the bike shop to get more spokes, tubes, and tires. We tend to go through those things like candy. We also got to ride the Buddy Bike, a bike where you sit side by side with another person and ride. It's extremely hard but very fun, check the picture gallery for images.

West Yellowstone to a Campground in Yellowstone National Park (day three of headwinds)

We left early that morning as well knowing that we'd want to spend lots of time in the park. We went very slow that day since it was only 56 miles. The headwinds were a pain and just as strong, but we were starting to get used to them and didn't really care that much because Yellowstone was really cool. We all walked around the hot springs and geysers and ooh'd and ahh'd at the bubbling mud. I took particular interest in the bacterial mats in the hot springs, bacteria rule.

Josh was behind us most of the day taking pictures, but the rest of us watched Old Faithful go off twice and peformed after both times. We got a pretty good size crowd the second time (we modified our crowd gathering technique) and put on a goods show. The crowd loved it, we made back our entry fee to Yellowstone, and many cards with the website address were handed out. Unfortunately, as we were leaving a ranger came up and informed that us that panhandeling is NOT allowed in nation parks (yes, even for charity). We all had to present IDs and have out names called in. Luckilly, we got off with a warning, but that ended our Yellowstone juggling experience. We finished the day off by climbing a mountain that was full of people driving RVs.

Oh, this brings up something I've been wanting to talk about for awhile: Natural Enemies.
Natural enemies include:
Dogs vs Cats
Cats vs Mice
Cyotes vs Roadrunners
Monkeys vs Robots
Democrats vs Republicans
Ants vs Magnifying glasses
Zombies vs Shotguns (and teenagers)
People who drive RVs vs Bicyclists

RVs are even worse them Semitrucks, because professional drivers at least move over for you. RV'rs (not all, but most) seem to believe that a foot of space is plenty for a biker riding 5 mph up a mountain, and that running bikers off the road is not only fun and entertaining, but wholly unavoidable. GRRRR... I'd say more on the subject but I'm afraid it wouldn't stay within the real of "family channel" so I'll let it go for now.

Yellowstone Campground to Hatchet Campground just past the Grand Tetons (the last day of headwinds)

Yesterday, we road 56 miles. We left yellowstone and road through the Grand Tetons. They were beautiful. The ride was pretty uneventful, so I'll just have to let you look at the pictures. Josh was feeling ill that morning (yet an even different type of sick) so he left very late and only road 40 miles, hitching a ride the rest of the way in from a ranger. Despite this, he managed to take some great pictures. Expect them soon.

We cleaned off in a freezing river that night, and made our first real campfire to try to ward of the millions of mosquitos. The fire failed, so we went to bed early.

Hatchet Campground to Duboise, Wyoming (TAILWIND! kinda)

This morning was COLD! 34 deg F. The day before was 35 deg F. In fact, every morning up here is freakin' freezing. It drops below freezing everying night. It sucks. Anyway, we woke up at 5am this morning to try to get into Duboise early. It worked, we got here at 12:30. We climbed an 18 mile mountain and topped out at almost 10,000 feet, saw snow, and crossed the continental divide for the 5th and final time. (We crossed it twice in Yellowstone.) Then we had a 30 mile downhill with intermittent tailwinds until into Duboise. It ruled.

Tonight and tomorrow night Jesse and Morgans parents are springing for a cheap hotel (thanks!) Tomorrow will be our second rest day of the trip so we can juggle for the 4th of July. Yay!

And, that's my story. It actually took way more than 20 minutes, but I managed to get back on and finish it. Yay! Tata for now!


Replies: Leave us a note! (13)

Didn'know if you saw it in the Guestbook. So I lazily pasted it here.

Seager, Mark, Norm, and Co.
Still keeping track of your progress. If you need to bulk up on supplies while in Iowa, I would like to help out, tubes, Snickers, etc. I will try to meet up with you all in Mt. Pleasant during RAGBRAI. Let me know.

Posted by Joshua Sieren @ 07/08/2003 05:59 PM CST

Anytime you guys want me to pick up a pizza and meet you somewhere; let me know.

I think I should mention that I think that only crazy people would ever try anything like this.

I think I should also mention I think you are crazy.

"Did you hear about the robbery at the police station? All the toilet seats are missing. The cops have nothing to go on."

See you in Omaha.

Posted by The Amazing Arthur @ 07/07/2003 02:45 PM CST

Dear Guys,
I just finished reading the joural and how interesting it was of all the perils you have met.The Tetons are so beautiful and so is Yellowstone Park. Years ago our family camped in a Ted Williams tent in Grants Village. It was the first year it was open and I still remember ice in the tea kettle in the morning and being cold till I moved around.I am looking forward to seeing all of you in Omaha this month. Love, Grandma

Posted by Grandma Goodell-Morgan and Jesse @ 07/05/2003 04:37 PM CST

Hope things are improving for you. Today we're going to Chuck and Anna's wedding in Milwaukee. We (Mom) printed a couple of photos from the website to show the folks who are sure to ask "Where's Mike?". :-)

Love, Dad

Posted by Mike's Dad @ 07/05/2003 08:23 AM CST

Hey you guys! Keep it up you guys are doing great. Morgan when you get in town I'm going to have a suprise for you. Well I hope you guys are safe and well. Good luck!


Posted by Karim Patterson @ 07/05/2003 12:52 AM CST

Glad to see someone backing me up on what I already told Josh... people like to see the people they love. As much as the other pictures are really beautiful (don't stop taking those) we still want to see your bright shining faces (that includes you Josh, so hand over the camera once and awhile).
Hope you guys had a great 4th of July!

Posted by Amy @ 07/04/2003 11:02 PM CST

Josh, we love looking at your pictures, they're absolutely gorgeous. My favorite thus far is the one of Jesse juggling clubs on his unicycle, when he's right in front of a fountain (June 10). But, just a small request on behalf of myself and Quehndrah... can we get some good pictures of our boys (Mark and Seager)? :-) I think all of us who are keeping track would appreciate some good looks at all of you! (Someone else will surely back me up on this...) Glad to hear all of you are alive and still enjoying yourselves. Stay healthy and keep up your strength, and we shall see you all on Ragbrai.

(ILYM) and (QLYS)

Posted by Megan/Iowa @ 07/04/2003 05:36 PM CST

Happy 4th of July. Glad to hear that you are taking a break, I'm sure your bodies are ready for some non-riding time. The fire in Tucson has become much worse. It is coming further down the mountain and is starting to reach the million dollar homes in the lower foothills, which says it could easily come down even further. The wind has been the biggest obstacle, since the fire was 75% contained at one point an it is now less than 50% contained. We are safe so no need to worry but the smoke is pretty awful for air quality. Have a wonderful 2 days off, and good luck in your continuing trip. You are all in my prayers, Aunt Nancy

Posted by Aunt Nancy @ 07/04/2003 03:13 PM CST


Perhaps if you guys are still getting ill it's because of elevation changes. Yes, you guys are riding bikes, but I would assume that you could still get sick from it. Or do you think it's from lack of nutriution or what? Oh well...I hope everyone gets better and you have a safe trip.

Posted by Libby @ 07/04/2003 02:25 PM CST

Good job Seager in keeping the bikes working. Without your mechanical ability I still might be stuck in the middle of Iowa with a broken down bike. I am proud of you in so many ways.

Posted by TOS @ 07/03/2003 11:08 PM CST

Yea, you did Yellowstone and Tetons, what a nice place to see!
I flew to Waco, TX today to visit Anne, Janice is here too.
It was good to read the journal and see the beautiful pictures.
All of you take much care.
Love, Granny Carolyn

Posted by Granny Carolyn @ 07/03/2003 10:28 PM CST

I would just like to make a couple of notes to Seager's wonderful entry. I do not believe that we rode through 40+ mph headwinds (although it seemed like that) and the campground we stayed at in Yellowstone was called Grant Village on the West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake. Also, I talked to Lance Leonard (who's website happens to be who was riding up the pass as we were going down, and he said he'd had headwinds the past 500 miles which bodes very well for us in Wyoming.

Oh, and I have to say you must all go look at my beautiful pictures. Also, I'm feeling all better now.

Posted by Josh Duggan (roadshow rider) @ 07/03/2003 07:48 PM CST

Yeah! A two day break - you guys deserve it. Enjoy the 4th of July, rest and stay(or get)well. Loved reading the journal entry and seeing the beautiful pictures. Hang in there guys - you're doing great! Stay safe.... Love, Mom & Dad XXOO

Posted by Genie (Jesse & Morgan's Mom) @ 07/03/2003 07:26 PM CST




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