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05/30/2003 Entry: "Douglas, Wyoming"

Continuation of yesterday: Casper - Glenrock
We made it a short day and we're staying in Douglas, Wyoming tonight. Now for the news since the last update. The last 20 miles into Glenrock were a different story for everybody. Morgan and I left Casper early enough to avoid the storm that had been brewing for a few days. This means we got to experience the last (we hope) of the strong headwinds from the storm front. The winds made an about turn while Mark, Seager, and Mike were on the road and they got a good push for awhile until Mark got another flat tire. The storm overtook them and it started to hail. Luckily, some nice cowboy stopped and let them sit in his car for a few minutes until it was done hailing. In the process of fixing the flat, Seager's tire pump bit the dust. Guess it has seen a bit too much action in the first half of the trip.

Josh wanted to stay at Hells Half Acre for the sunrise to take some photos, so we all left before he was awake. It turns out Josh pulled a Norm (woke up about 5 hours later) and then had to do some swift biking to make it to Casper in time to upload some photos, get some food and then ride to Glenrock. He wasn't done riding till 10:15pm.

Today: Glenrock - Douglas
Instead of pitching tents last night, we decided to stay in the dugouts at the baseball fields in the town park. The dugouts were covered and faced away from the direction of the storm. We planned on getting another early start the next day in order to get in plenty of miles. Then it happened again... ATTACK OF THE SPRINKLERS! About midnight, we woke up soked and cold. Whoever put in the sprinkler system in Glenrock Town Park decided that our particular dugout needed to be watered along with the grass. By the time we woke up, everything was already soaked, so I just covered the sprinkler with a trash can and we spent another four hours of sleep in the cold puddles left in the dugout.

Last night led to a short day today. Lack of sleep and sore joints after a few tough days led us to take a short day today. There is not much between here and Lusk so we decided it was best to stay here tonight.

Now for some good news. We went swimming in the North Platte River today and then we took free showers at the tidy town park in Douglas. Better yet, now that the cold front has passed through the winds are out of the West again. We hope to put in a lot of miles tomorrow and make it to Crawford, Nebraska.

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The stories are great. Keep 'em coming. Can't wait to see you guys.

Posted by The Amazing Arthur @ 07/08/2003 11:11 PM CST

Perhaps ya'll should be covering the sprinkler heads before you go to bed... yeah, sounds like a good idea. :P

Posted by Amy @ 07/08/2003 06:45 PM CST




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