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05/30/2003 Entry: "Gordon, Nebraska"


I am currently sitting in a library in Gordon, Nebraska after riding somewhere between 96 and 100+ miles. (Our cycling computers don't agree) We are staying at a Masonic temple and are finally indoors for the first time since Mr and Mrs Shumakers graciously provided us with a hotel in Duboise, Wyoming. Josh is at my side doing pictures, Mark and Mike are finding me food, Moses is driving here from a wedding, and Morgan and Jesse are currently unaccounted for but most likely on their way after an extended break of some sort. That, or they were eaten by a bear, but since we are NO LONGER IN WYOMING that is probably not the case. Most likely the bear would throw Morgan back anyway, 'cause he's little, and Jesse ... well... needs a shower, so at least the bear won't enjoy it's meal very much. We'll let you know.

And now, for the some stories...

Douglas to Harrison

To make up for our "rest day" in Douglas we were going to try to go 112 miles from Douglas to Crawford. However, headwinds and nasty roads vetoed that. We "only" made it 85 miles (some say 90+, again with the disagreeing cycling computers) to Harrison. However, that was fine, because Harrison rules. We ended up staying at park there and running into a picnic that the woman's Methodist group was having. We chatted a little, told them what we were all about, and then, suddenly, they fed us! Not just a little food mind you, but boatloads of scrumptious fried and baked chicken, strawberries, grapes, cantalope, ham, bread, cookies, chocolate, some cake stuff, potato stuff, devilled eggs, potato salad etc etc. It was wonderful. We all ate until we could barely move, digested some, and then did a juggling show for them. Much fun was had by all, and we played with fire.

We noticed the sprinklers in the park that night so we slept in a concrete parking lot nearby. See, we're learning. The sprinklers did as sprinklers do and soaked the park all night and morning. They tried to get us, but they were defeated! Take THAT sprinkler!! Yes folks, we did things the college way. It takes failing atleast twice before we start doing things differently.

Harrison to Gordon

As I said earlier, we rode somewhere between 95 and 6 billion miles today. The roads were less than stellar, but we weren't in Wyoming so it was ok. We also had a ... wind. I don't really know what direction it was from predominantly because Nebraska seems to get confused about which way it wants its winds to blow. It was a slight tailwind for awhile, a strong sidewind for awhile, a strong headwind for awhile, but most of the time it seemed to just kind of spin around. It couldn't make up its mind about the what direction or strength is wanted to blow. I think Nebraska maybe had "a few too many" last night and was dizzy this morning. I dunno.

Nebraska also treated us to many rolling hills today, which, while annoying, aren't mountains, so I won't complain yet. Yet. All in all the ride went well today. I'm exhausted due to the shear milage of the last few days, but that's about the only reason. Tomorrow we get to ride another 90 miles and we'll finally be back on schedule.

I'd like to ask you all a favor. Please, everyone go outside tomorrow and, if you're West of us, blow as hard as you can East. And, if you're East of us, face West and suck in as hard as you can. We figured if you all do that all day we *might* have a chance at a tailwind. Wow, what a novel concept that would be.

So, tonight we eat, sleep, and possibly remove Jesse from the stomache of a bear. We'll most likely also do a small jugging demonstration to some people that live near the temple who we met who were very friendly and let us lay on their lawn and offered us a place to stay if the temple didn't work out. They have some pretty cool kids, so I look forward to that.

Tata, I'm going to go eat now. Yay!


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Yeah, food at last!! I am sure the "church ladies" will talk about you for years to come, but... they can and did cook, plus they shared and that was probably the best part. Now that you are in Nebraska, you can keep an eye out for those ugly summer storms. Keep pedaling and you will reach family and friends soon. You are in my prayers for a continued safe trip. Mark's Aunt Nancy

Posted by Aunt Nancy @ 07/13/2003 06:33 PM CST

Hi Mike,

Wow !!! You guys are really cruising now that you're doing a little flatter riding. Hope the construction isn't as much of a problem as you head east.

Chuck and Anna's wedding was so much fun. They're going to have a house warming in Madison sometime after you return. You'll get to see a lot of family then.

We're doing a Scout canoe trip on the Flambeau tomorrow. Eight boys, me and Kevin. We'll do another one after you're back. Maybe one in September too when the leaves are turning.

We're looking forward to seeing you again.

Love, Dad

Posted by Mike's Dad @ 07/11/2003 04:07 PM CST

What's your updated route?
Are you still going to be in the St Mary's and Topeka KS area?
If so when?

Posted by Neil @ 07/11/2003 11:26 AM CST

I enjoyed reading about your picnic with the church ladies!! I'm sure they will be talking about that day for years! Those things can get boring and I know you guys livened it up!!

Keep safe! I'm praying for you. We miss you Josh!

Posted by Sherry Sheldon, Amy's Mom @ 07/11/2003 08:26 AM CST

Loved the Journal entry from Gordon, Seager...the Iowa crew is pulling for all of you, if not exactly sucking wind.
See you in Omaha, or Glenwood! Stay safe and watch out for the pelicans up ahead.

Michele Fiddelke

Posted by Mark's Mom @ 07/10/2003 10:54 PM CST

YAY! Wyoming is behind you! Megan and I are very much looking forward to seeing you (mostly Mark and Seager, but hey, we don't mind the rest of you, I'm sure) on RAGBRAI. Please don't die on the way.


Posted by Qehndrah @ 07/10/2003 08:41 PM CST




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