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05/30/2003 Entry: "Changes in the Road Show roster"

The cast of Road Show USA has changed a bit for the second half of our trip. Read on to get all the details...

The youngest member of our crew, my brother Morgan, road 2,300 miles from Astoria, Oregon to Norfolk, Nebraska. Despite doing all the appropriate stretches and icing his knee every night, he experienced increasingly significant knee pain from his patella tendon as the trip continued. His pain is a result of Osgood Schlatter's syndrome, which is a problem that occurs in some very active adolescents. When we got back to Omaha, Morgan went to an appointment with his physical therapist and she told him that he had to stop or he would risk doing more serious damage to his knee. With continued physical therapy he should be able to take care of the problem, but the second half of the bike trip was not an option. We are all extremely proud of Morgan and miss him during the second half. Morgan, we hope you are enjoying the rest of the summer and I'm looking forward to seeing you when I get back to Omaha!

We also have some additions to the Road Show USA cast. Paul Jennings and Chris Kohlhaas have joined us for the second half of the trip. Paul joined up with us in Omaha and rode with us during RAGBRAI. He will be riding all the way to Boston. Kris rode RAGBRAI with his family and joined us at the end of RAGBRAI. He will be riding all the way to Boston as well.

During RAGBRAI, we also had a few friends join us for a few days of riding. Nick, a good friend and the upcoming president of the ISU Juggling Club, joined us on RAGBRAI the night after he returned from a summer and Spain. He rode a couple of days of RAGBRAI with no training and on his dad's old road bike. Rob, a friend from marching band and upcoming webmaster for the ISU Juggling Club, joined us part way through RAGBRAI and rode six days and 460 miles with us to Gibson City. Ryan, an initial Road Show USA rider, has healed up from his crash early in the trip and road RAGBRAI along with his mom Carol. We met up with them in the overnight towns for some juggling. We also met up with Ariel, who was part of the bicycle touring crew we met last year that inspired us to make this ride happen. She was riding with her friends James and Deven. During the overnight towns we camped by Team Kamikaze.

So the Road Show USA cast now consists of Seager, Mark, Norm, Josh, Mike, Paul, Kris, and me. Wow, eight riders is a lot of people!

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More wonderful pictures today!
Am so happy to see you are getting closer to finishing your quest. I still am amazed at what you have done, something that seemed almost impossible in the beginning.
What wonderful sights you have seen
and great people you have met!
A trip of a lifetime.
Makes Jesse's Granny proud.
Why don't all of you come to Las Vegas to visit sometimes?

Posted by Granny Carolyn @ 08/09/2003 07:26 PM CST




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