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05/30/2003 Entry: "Thanks to Megan and Crystal"

When we arrived in Baker City we went to the bike shop I bought a couple of things. Apparently when I was putting them away I set my wallet on top of my rear panniers and when I rode off headed for the library it fell off somewhere. After I found out it was missing at the library I traced my route, no luck. Then I ended up at City Hall to report it to the police. As I'm talking to the officer, a woman and two little girls walk in. They overhear that I'm missing my wallet and it turns out they were there to turn in my missing wallet! YAY! So THANK YOU very much to Megan and Crystal, two little girls who saved my day by finding my wallet.

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Hey bikers!! I am one of Morgan's friends who was given this web address from the great Peter Rafferty!! Morgan this little note is mainly to you since your the only one I know on this trip!! But I hope that all of you are having a great time and are staying healthy!! I've been prayin for all of ya!! So come home safe to us!! But Rafferty told me you guys should be stopping by on July 17th. I hope to see all of ya then!! Morgan I miss ya bunches and I hope your doing okay!! Love ya to death boyya!! Come back safe and soon!!! Everyone down here is rootin for ya!! Peter misses you to death too!! So hurry up and get back home so I can say bye to ya before I move to Iowa!!
All my Love, Morgan!!

Posted by Anna Knotek @ 06/18/2003 02:23 PM CST

hmm, why does this not shock me? :P

Posted by Amy @ 06/16/2003 07:05 PM CST




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