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05/30/2003 Entry: "Thanks to Megan and Crystal"

When we arrived in Baker City we went to the bike shop I bought a couple of things. Apparently when I was putting them away I set my wallet on top of my rear panniers and when I rode off headed for the library it fell off somewhere. After I found out it was missing at the library I traced my route, no luck. Then I ended up at City Hall to report it to the police. As I'm talking to the officer, a woman and two little girls walk in. They overhear that I'm missing my wallet and it turns out they were there to turn in my missing wallet! YAY! So THANK YOU very much to Megan and Crystal, two little girls who saved my day by finding my wallet.

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Hay, Josh, those little girls that found your wallet are my grandkids. Pretty cool kids. Luck to all.

Posted by Sheila Merrill @ 06/22/2003 07:14 PM CST

This is for Jesse:

Just want you to know that I got a new bicycle and have ridden 300 miles. Yes, I am going on Ragbraii, and I'll greet you in western Iowa! My husband says,"I've tried to get you to do this for 25 years and you never would." You're a good influence on me, Jesse. I have fallen off my bike three times. It's the clips. I can get into them easily, but it's the getting out of them. But, I'm learning.

The Alumni Association called me today for information about you. They said there was a great story in the Omaha Herald. I'm to talk with them more tomorrow. They want your website so I'll give them it.

Morgan is really a little trooper. Wow, I don't think many 14 year old kids could do this. What an adventure for you all!!

Be safe. Have fun. Your website is great. And, yes, I am contributing $100 to the Shriners Hospital. I'll mail my check!!

Ellen Holm

Posted by Ellen Holm, Honors Coordinator at ISU @ 06/17/2003 03:47 PM CST

Josh, Amy says she is sorry that she made fun of you losing your wallet. She left her purse in the booth at Taco Bell when we went to lunch today. She didn't realize where it was until they were dropping me back at work. They hurried back there and the lady sitting in the booth told Amy she had just given it to the cashier. It is great to know there are a few honest people left in the world! The reason I am telling you this instead of Amy doing it herself is that we don't have a phone at home. When Amy and her Dad got back home after lunch and grocery shopping, the neighbor came over to tell them that someone, probably a large truck drove down the street and pulled our phone wire down. The wire was cut and laying in the street and across the yards. The phone box is ripped off from our house. Even a small piece of siding is ripped off. The phone company will fix it by 1 PM on Wednesday. We have cell phones, but no computer line. The cable TV line is hanging down too, but it still works. They said just hook it up the best you can and we will be there by Thursday afternoon.
Hope all is going well with you. Love, Mrs. S

Posted by Sherry @ 06/17/2003 01:52 PM CST




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