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05/30/2003 Entry: "Missoula, Montana"

right now we are in missoula, montana and I will catch you up on the last few days.

We have got alot to talk about since the last entry so some of this mite be a little brief. Friday morning we were all a little excited because the elevation map showed alot of downhill. But the down side was that it was raining out. Once I made scrambled eggs for breakfast, if you knew me I am a huge egg freak, we started to pack up and made all are gear rain proof. I put on my rain pants and jacket and went outside to the awaiting downpoor of drops of rain. We were on the bikes and I was miserbly uncomfortable so we stopped 11 miles out and I threw my rain pants off my body to the ground with a sigh of relief. After that the day was mostly downhill with a deafening headwind. We were very tired and wore by the time we reached Whitebird. Luck was on are side as we found a church to stay in. Later that night Norm and I for some unknown reason started to climb up the side of a gigantic hill/mountain. When we were climbing up a 50lb rock slipped and fell on Norm's arms. Luckly, must have been since luck was on are side he was ok and we pressed on. An hour later we had reached the summit of who knows what peak and felt great for such an accomplishment. The view was awsome! The climb the next morning was not as expected. It was easy in a way. That day there happened to be a bike race to the top. We started earlier than the race so we made it to the top first. Some lady at the top thought we won but we explained what happened and are couse and she gave us money for food. Also we would like to thank Bob for his donation to the cause. We finished that day with not to much other excitment. That night we stayed in Lowell at a campground and performed for some rafters which donated some money, too. I was dreading the graduall climd on are elevation map from Lowell to Powell. It turned out to be very scenic and it rained alot. We rode along the Locsha river the whole time. It was very foggy and cloudy so close to the end the sun came out and we rode alomost in the clouds as they evaporated. One of the coolest experiences I have had! That night we camped outside the Locsha lodge and we met a couple that had rode from Yorktown, VA. It so happend that she was a physical therapist so she had tips for my brother and my knees. We talked with them and had a performance that night. Locsha lodge was one of the funnest days for me yet.

Norm will take it from here, se ya soon

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Yo guys... keep kicking ass on your ride!! I can't wait to see you before RAGBRAI!!! remember to plan on doing the taco ride on the thursday before RAGBRAI if you're in town by then ...jesse can tell you all about it.

good luck, and get ready for some massages when you get into omaha!!! i'm out for now,

Posted by Clint Johnson @ 06/28/2003 02:45 PM CST

Hi Morgan and Jesse, I sure enjoy hearing about your adventure and seeing the wonderful pictures. Al and I wish you the best and hope your guardian angels take good care of you.

Posted by Nancy Z. @ 06/26/2003 12:20 PM CST




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