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05/30/2003 Entry: "lolo pass and beyond"

The morning after lochsa lodge can be described as nothing but routine. Meaning that there was nothing ordinary about it. Josh wasn't feeling well and we all had a long climb ahead of us. Thankfully we had a rest day to look forward to in Missoula so we had some motivation. The climb went pretty much as expected and we all enjoyed some free hot chocolate and coffee at the top, courtesy of the Lolo pass visitor station. After a brief downhill jaunt Jesse blew one of his tires and we used our last reserve tire to replace it. For anyone who is curios, we have gone through at least seven by now. There is nothing worse than knowing that if something goes wrong there is nothing you can do about it.

Coincidentally that is exactly what happened. After a short and strong pull by myself to Lolo we headed off to Missoula. About two miles from town Mark's rear tire blew. By this time we have become used to the sound of a gunshot emerging from our tires but we don't really like it. Anyway, we separated so we could try and find a place for the evening while mark and seager tried to fix their tire. They were eventually successful due to a large amount of duct tape and luck. Jesse was able to find a place to stay at an ex-frat community house thing and we all celebrated by enjoying our first buffet of the trip. As a warning to buffet's "If you see us coming towards your restaurant, don't let us in. We will eat more food than you can afford."

Finally, we have all been enjoying our day off. First on the agenda was the long placated desire to sleep in. Personally I didn't get up until nine o’clock, which seemed like a long time to me. Next we all hit up some bike shops looking for new and better tires and various other things. Currently we are in the University of Montana library updating. Tonight we plan on doing some juggling in a park, watching a movie, and sleeping...lots of sleeping.
In closing I'd like to say hello to Abbey. I hope your mouth doesn’t hurt too much.
Norm out.

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Finally got some time to check this out after watchin movies. Hope all is going well. We will keep watching you...from behind that bush over there.

Posted by Kloppy @ 06/27/2003 03:52 AM CST

YAY!!! norm finally made an entry!!!

Posted by DJ @ 06/24/2003 09:42 PM CST




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