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05/30/2003 Entry: "Omaha, NE"

We woke up early in the morning to beat the wind out of O'Neal. Our goal was to get out by 6:45 and we would have made it right on time if the rain and thunder hadn't started and made us put on rain covers and plastic bags. When we got outside there was no rain, but there was a great cool breeze and the early morning light made for a really wonderful ride.

Jesse and Morgan were way ahead of us, but we caught up to them at a gas station for second breakfast. There were Wild Stallion energy drink slushies that several of us decided to get. Mmmm. They were so good that we went to get refills. We filled them up to the top of the cup and then put the hemispherical lids on and filled the rest of the way. The guy at the counter told us if we tried to fill them through the hole in the lid we might get a bath, so we thanked him for the warning but proceeded to try since we succeeded the first time. Some small spillage occurred that we promptly cleaned up, but the man behind the counter was displeased with us.

The man came out of nowhere and said, "This is (expletive deleted) guys! I told you not to (expletive deleted) do that and you went ahead and (expletive deleted) did it anyway. Now I've got to clean up your mess." We apologized and offered to clean up anything we missed the first time, but he just told us to get out of the store. Ironically, neither he nor the woman who showed up with the mop could find anything to clean up, so they just quietly went back to the counter.

We rode on to another gas station that had really cheap freeze pops that we ate in a little park while having an engaging discussion on religion. We continued our discussion as we started riding, and we got so into the discussion that we were less than fully attentive to the road. Mark and Norm were riding side by side in front of Seager and me, and Mark slowed down so he could hear better. I slowed down a little but not as much as Mark. At the same time, I hit my brakes, Mark moved right, and Seager moved left. There just wasn't quite enough room, and my front pannier hit Seager's rear. I lost my balance and had to jump off my bike. Luckily my sandals came unclipped from the pedals, but I still had so much momentum that when I landed on my feet I got spun around and did a backward roll. Unfortunately when I landed the back of my helmet smacked the ground.

I didn't feel too good then, but I didn't feel like I was going to pass out or anything else bad. I rolled over and everyone was very helpful. They helped me into the shade and gave me some water and food and ibuprofen. Seager checked my pupils which were normal, and other than a wicked headache, I was doing well. We sat there for close to an hour talking about RAGBRAI and making sure everything was well, and when we started riding again we had a nice tailwind.

We made the remaining 20 miles quickly and caught up to Jesse and Morgan at the YMCA where we got to take free showers. Yay clean! While we were getting clean Jesse found us some Shriners to stay with for the night. We had to split up into 2 groups, but they were really nice to us and fed us great homemade food.

We met back at the Y in the morning and found out Jesse wanted to ride all the way to Omaha in one day. We were all for it, but wished we had gotten up earlier. Morgan got picked up in the morning so his knee can get a little more rest and healing before we ride again.

The ride was pretty nice for most of us, especially when we stopped for second breakfast and the lady at the convenience store gave us all free fountain drinks. Our stop was a little too long but we were still excited to get to Omaha and have rest days.

Seager was having a rough time of riding, like he was weak or in a bad gear but he wasn't. Eventually he figured out that his brakes were messed up and he had ridden 60 miles like that. Jesse was way ahead of us, and Mark and I rode together. Seager and Norm were a little behind because of a repair.

We rode just into the Omaha city limits and then got picked up by Mrs. Shumaker. It was nice to be done and be in a car again. Most of us are now at Josh's house, where we are most appreciative of air conditioning and showers.

Now we are off to the drive in to watch some Pirates.

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Hey, hun. Hope things are going well. What an asinine thing to say. Not, that is, that others saying so is asinine. Just that . . . grarrrrr. Ah, just that for *me* to say that when "well" for me is having a day off work or something . . . . . Anyway, hope that things are running as smoothly as possible while still being adventurous. If you have the time / the desire to - let me know what your schedule is like through Iowa / RAGBRAI and maybe I could cooerce things in to "going well" - ie, getting work off so I can see yo' crazy self. Glad to know that you and everyone else is safe. Keep it that way, darn it!

Much love,

Posted by Ah-Z @ 07/19/2003 04:53 AM CST

Congratulations on making it to Omaha! It's good to know you guys wear helmets. Mike, after that klunk you took, I'm really glad you're OK, but you may want to consider replacing your helmet. Enjoy your well-deserved rest, and have fun on RAGBRAI. We miss you.

Posted by Mike's Mom @ 07/18/2003 11:11 AM CST

GO Seager go. Glad your all doing well.

Posted by Mike Routt @ 07/18/2003 09:41 AM CST

Happy Day! You're "in town!" Can't wait to see and meet you all. Congratulations on getting across Nebraska so fast. Best wishes for a great RAGBRAI. See you Friday or Saturday. If this were last year, you could be staying at our house, just 10 miles from the start in Sioux Center. We would feed you tons!

Posted by Mark's Mom @ 07/17/2003 09:21 PM CST

I miss you so much! I am grateful it is all going well and all of you remain safe (Mom talk). Keep having fun!

Posted by SEAGER'S MOM @ 07/17/2003 04:16 PM CST

Thanks for the update. Hurray !!! You guys survived Nebraska. :-)

Posted by Mike's Dad @ 07/17/2003 11:25 AM CST




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