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05/30/2003 Entry: "Omaha, Nebraska - about to leave for RAGBRAI (45 minutes)"

Oh boy, it's me! Welcome to Supplimentary Seager Diary Entry 001: "What we did in Omaha." Stay tuned later for Jesse on "What the heck is wrong with our bikes and who to blame" and Morgan concerning a personal announcement.

Wednesday Night: Mike, Mark, Josh, Norm, Myself, and Qehndrah(!) went to go see Pirates of the Carribean at the drive in in Qehndrah's van. We were then assaulted by "Legally Blond 2" as the second half of the double feature. We were in pain. We tried slamming the van doors on our heads but the horrible movie wouldn't go away. It was too dumb to even make fun of. The first movie was good, though. We found a stray cat to play with, too. That ruled.

Thursday: We were going to go to the zoo but we got lazy and slept in. Sleeping in rules. We heard that Jesse didn't get to sleep in all week due to driving his girlfriend to work or something like that. Haha. During the day we all went out own way. Mark and Josh went with their respective Dad's, and the rest of us layed around. That night we went to a BBQ at Jesse's place where we were stuffed with large amounts of yummy food. (thanks Shumakers!) We then went to the art museum and juggled at the outdoor jazz concert in the park outside the museum. It wasn't so much a performance as it was a freestyle jugglefest on the side of a hill. Oh yea, freestyle hill juggling, it's wiggidy wiggidy wack! That night we rented a movie "One Hour Photo" and got scared of Robin Williams.

Friday: Again, we planned on going to the zoo, but, again, we slept in. We also would have had to take the bus due to Josh and Mark being away again with their families again. So, we layed around again. We heard that while we were all laying around for days Jesse was working on the route. Thanks Jesse. Jesse (aka Magellan) also shaved and got a haircut so he looks like a twelve year old. It's quite amusing.

That night we went to a BBQ hosted by the Tangier Shrine and John, our Shriner contact. We juggled and were fed until we were bursting. It was very good - thanks John. We were also given two t-shirts: yellow official ones from the Shrine with the Shriner and Roadshow logos on them for performing, and white heat transfer ones from Mark's Mom with the roadshow front page logo on it. It's makes me proud to see my logos on shirts. Thanks to John and Mrs. Fiddelke for the shirts! We also got a banner to juggle in front of that is really sweet looking. Most likely heavy, but sweet looking none the less. We finished off the night by bowling and having our behinds handed to us by Josh "J-Dogg's" massive bowling skills.

Today (Saturday): Jesse got to sleep in for the first time. We got to pack. In 30 minutes we go to True Wheel where they are working on our bikes and pick them up. Then we ride 26 miles to Glenwood where the RAGBRAI party begins. This will by the first RAGBRAI for many of us. Jesse, Myself, and Mark are the only RAGBRAI veterans. I can't wait for everyone to experience the madness.

Man, I can't wait to get back on the bike. ILYQ

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Hope your bikes are now in tip-top shape for a nice relaxing RAGBRAI. Sounds like the food and rest in Omaha helped out your spirits. Hope the weather is wonderful for RAGBRAI, and that you are all healthy and safe (Dad talk)

We're still looking forward to seeing you in Fort Madison next Saturday Mike, but we need to figure out a time and location for our rendesvous. Give us a call OK?

Laura has a week of vacation and has gone camping. She'll probably be back for Mary's birthday on Tuesday.

The Troop wants to do the Elroy Sparta bike trail within the next few weeks. I told them you would probably want to go along with them if they wait 'til you're back.

Love, Dad

Posted by Mike's Dad @ 07/20/2003 01:38 PM CST

Yo Mike (opps, Seager). Mom (I hope) and I (for sure) are going to drive to Oskaloosa to see you. We'll need to arrange how to get in touch with each other; let us know what can be done on your end. Hello to Q as well -- we also look forward to seeing you. TOS

Posted by Those responsible for Seager's upbringing. @ 07/19/2003 11:18 PM CST

I think you should consider Josh's bowling a complete fluke. I've never seen him bowl that well... he has some sorry excuse about the lanes here being bad. If he's so good how come he can't adjust to them??

Posted by Amy @ 07/19/2003 10:50 PM CST




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