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05/30/2003 Entry: "Fostoria Ohio"

I'm writing this from Fostoria Ohio. Not our overnight town but 20 miles from it. Ohio is flat. We've made good time. Yay us. Last night we were in Ottoville, Ohio, not too far from the Indiana/Ohio border. We slept under a picnic shelter behind the massive Catholic church/school/soccer field. We met a fireman/tri-athelete named Tim, who invited us to use his pool and then fed us pizza and beer and Coke. Everyone was pretty pumped about the pool but the food made us really happy. The ride that day had been a flat and quick 85 miles. I know what you're thinking, "how can 85 miles be quick?" but when the roads a flat and smooth and the weather isn't too hot, 85 miles can be ridden relatively quickly. It's odd but after Ragbrai, 80 miles felt kinda longish again but after Illinois 75-80 miles is about normal and not very hard. I almost forgot: we juggled some fire for Tim, his family and some friends, they all enjoyed it as much as we did. Fire is so cool. On an unrelated note, Josh's girlfriend Amy is here from Michigan for a few days and Josh is a tad under the weather so he's been driving to our overnights and attempting to recover. This is proof, somehow, that women from Michigan are not good for the immune system, but we'll have to do further testing. The morning of today's ride was foggy and cool. Good riding weather and thankfully not much traffic. It pretty hot outside right now and I'm enjoying the air conditioned library very much. FYI Ohio is in eastern time and losing an hour last night is messing with most of us a little. Indiana is in the eastern time zone as well but doesn't believe in daylight savings time so it was like central daylight time, silly Philistines. Sorry for the stream of consciousness entry, but my brain is broken from being in eastern time and going to Cedar Point tomorrow. it'll be a super fun off day. Goodbye everybody.


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I'm glad to see someone else thinks it's my fault... I kept telling him it was. And seeing now how he was so much better on the day of my departure I'm sure I was right. :)
I had a good time though and I'm glad I got to meet all of you guys. Sorry I didn't really say goodbye to anyone... needed to get moving home since I was already leaving a lot later than I'd planned to.
Maybe I'll see some of you again in Boston.

Posted by Amy @ 08/03/2003 10:48 PM CST

What time are you leaving Fremont and by what route? Might want to ride and meet you. If you need a place to stay have a building and large parking lot in Berea Ohio..west side of Cleveland

Posted by Doug Barr @ 08/01/2003 10:33 PM CST




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