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05/30/2003 Entry: "Sandusky/Cedar Point"

We changed plans again since my last update and rode the 30 miles to Sandusky on Saturday morning. The campground we stayed at there had a shuttle service to the park. That worked out well for us, as it didn't look like Cedar Point gets a lot of bike traffic. It was a very nice day and we really enjoyed ourselves. I think it was good to get off the bikes for a while too. Thanks again, Don.

There was quite a storm brewing in the morning, and it started raining mid-afternoon. Jesse, Norm, Chris, and I were on the last run of the "Power Tower" before they shut it down for the storm, and we had an amazing view of the storm over the lake. We took shelter in the locker rental area for about 45 minutes and watched people frantically running to their cars. Seager, Mark, and Mike apparently stood in a shop for a while. After the rain passed we went back into the park and rode a few more rides. It was a pretty late night, but we were happy to see that the tents had held up through the storm. We had another short day yesterday, which Jesse will tell you about in the next update.




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