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05/30/2003 Entry: "Sanborn, New York"

Greetings everyone from the great state of New York. With only eight days left, we're nearly to Boston! On Tuesday night we stayed at the Erie Shriners Hospital in Pennsylvania. I'd like to personally thank them for they're generocity with providing us food, shelter, and showers. While we were there, we performed for some of the children, which was very fun. In turn, the kids made us brownies which ended the day very nice.
We trekked onward towards Angola on Wednesday. Being the first one into town, it was respectively my duty to find strangers with shelter. Last Sunday was the first time I had this job, and I discovered through terrible irony that nearly all churches are closed on Sunday. Something should be done about this.
Well, yesterday I felt lucky.
Knock knock...
No answer.
Right, I'll try around back. No prevail.
New church.
There was a large sign saying, "Vacation Bible School". This is a very good thing to see. Not only is there probably someone there to talk to, there's probably kids to perform for.
Knock knock.
Knock knock?
Come on!
Knock knock!
For the love of Pete...

The facts where faced and Jesse was called. We would have to set up tents.
On my way out of town, I passed by a lady who told me she had driven past me earlier on the road. After we had gotten aquainted (Her name was Clair), she agreed to help us out. She led me over toPaster Lue's house down the block who made a few calls. We ended up staying at Camp Pioneer curtisy of a fellow named Mike. They had campers which we entertained that evening, and all was good.
This morning was a little rough getting up.. But rest assured, up was gotten. We voyaged on to Canada, and some pretty exiting things had happened.
Boy oh boy would I like to tell you about them!
But alas, the library is closing.
Dos Vedonya, readers of the page.

-Chris Kohlhaas

You want an extended version eh?
Here's a little extent for ya...

Boogity boogity boogity!

Woot woot!

Boogity woot! Boogity woot woot!

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Glad to see that you are nearing Boston. Have not seen any comments on wheel problems since you left Lafayette Indiana -- hope that means the wheels I built have held up!

Posted by John Cherry @ 08/08/2003 02:40 PM CST

Wow! I can't believe the trip is almost over!! You guys have done a great job. What wonderful memories you will have. It has been fun following your trip. I'm excited because next Friday we will be leaving Michigan to go to Boston. I have never been there. We plan to spend a few days in Boston and then bring Josh back to our house in Grandville, Michigan. He will spend a couple days with us before heading back to Omaha.
I will continue to pray for your safe arrival in Boston.

Posted by Sherry Sheldon, Amy's Mom @ 08/08/2003 08:13 AM CST

Sounds like you are very close to the home stretch, this is not the time to become lax in your safety!! Glad you are having a successful trip and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your journal. Thanks for the entertainment. Mark, are you come to Tucson for Christmas? Probably could make some mexican food and some margaritas!! Hope you all continue to be safe and I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Oh, how are you getting back to Iowa? School starts soon!
Hugs to all, Aunt Nancy

Posted by Aunt Nancy @ 08/07/2003 08:43 PM CST




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