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05/30/2003 Entry: "Holley, NY"

Just a quick update from the road...

Jesse and I are at the library in Holley, NY. We rode along the Erie Canal for most of the morning, but we had to take a detour on the highway for a closed portion of the trail. I think we will get back on the trail now though, as it is very nice and almost perfectly flat.

We stayed at a church in Sanborn, NY, last night. It was nice to have a place inside and not set up camp stoves and tents. I slept very well, but as usual, not long enough.

On Wednesday night I was passing through Silver Creek, NY, when I stopped to ask someone on the side of the road if I was still on the right street. He said that I was and that he and his family were just about to eat if I would like to join them. Of course, I accepted and had what may be the best food that anyone has had on this trip: salad, chicken parmesan with spaghetti, and fresh chocolate-chip cookies with ice cream for dessert. Thanks again to Dan Drozdiel and family for a wonderful meal.




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