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05/30/2003 Entry: "Baldwinsville, NY"

Helllllooooooo loyal readers and occasional traitors, how are you? Whats that? I can't hear you, you're talking at a computer. Leave a comment instead, silly. (sorry, that was funny in my head, but I'm leaving it in anyway)

Anyway, I'm doing the update concerning today, and Jesse just finished doing an update concerning yesterday. Yay! Teamwork!

Anyway, today was fun. We rode from Rochester (see update below) to Baldwinsville. Again, I rode with Mike and Mark today, so I don't know much of how the other guy's days went. I know they ate really good ice cream, but I think that's all they said was worth mentioning. The ice cream, btw, is local ice cream done by Byrn/Byern/Beyrn dairy (one of those) that is really good. I got to have it yesterday at a different location. It really is phenominal.

So, anyway, Mark, Mike and I had a slightly more remarkable day. Don't worry, it was a good day though. Our luck changed once we got out of evil haunted Ohio, so you'll hear no complaining from me in this entry. Well, aside from the sidewall of my rear tire exploding this morning, that is. But we've come to expect exploding tires, so no worries.

After fixing my tire and hiding from the rain we rode through Newark, where we saw a guy doing Flowersticks (like devil sticks, but slightly different) in front of store. We thought he looked pretty cool so we went and hung out with him for awhile. Noah (formerly known as "a guy") was pretty good and did some tricks I hadn't seen so we traded some moves back and forth. He also did poi and gave us a quick demo of that. We hung out for awhile and then met Ronald, owner of the store he was performing in front of. Ronald was really nice and gave us some free coffee and candy bars. He seemed to be a big player in the community, and he did a write up of us for the paper and took our picture. (the picture may be posted in the picture section if I have received it). Yea, pretty cool. We ended up hanging out there for about 3 or 4 hours, and didn't get out of there until 4pm. We then rode the final 40 miles in about three hours, including stops, and made to the house we are staying at in time for pizza.

Oh yes, we're staying with the Jacksons tonight. They bought us pizza and are letting us stay in their back yard. Jesse and co. found them at the local catholic church after striking out multiple times and in multiple towns trying to find a place to stay. Apparently the cops don't like you staying in parks around here. *grumble grumble stupid east coast* Anyway, the Jacksons are really fun, and do backpacking, biking, and running. Their son also juggles so we did a quick show for them. Soon, I will be going to bed and hiding from the rain. All in all, it's quite wonderful here. They're even letting us use their internet.

Only 6-ish days left... I can't believe we're going to make it. Thanks for reading. Tata!


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Quick note...have just been enjoying Josh's photos about taking his camera from him, putting him on the lens end and posting a few pics of him? Josh, your pics got rave reviews from Mark's Wisconsin relatives. Thanks for documenting so much of the ride. It has been a great way for us armchair riders to keep up!

Mark's Mom

Posted by Michele Fiddelke @ 08/12/2003 09:56 PM CST

Josh, What a great photo of the Penn State house - takes me back to those wonderful 60's days. I think it's your best photo of the entire trip!!! :)

Posted by Josh's Aunt Liz @ 08/10/2003 10:13 PM CST

Keep on keepin' on guys! You're almost there!. We are so proud of all of you. What in incredible accomplishment!
Couldn't get the Web page for a few days...sounds like you survived the bad weather and bad mechanical luck. We, too, are glad Mark is not dead. Sounds like the panier incident could have been much nastier.
Keep being careful! We are praying for a safe ending to a long journey.
Hugs to all,
Mark's Mom

Posted by Michele Fiddelke @ 08/10/2003 08:01 PM CST


Only six more days...Wow, it's hard to believe that's you've gone across the country in only a couple of months. Make sure that Mark gets back in one piece otherwise I know some North Grand 5 employees that might not be sooo happy. ;) Be Safe!!!

Posted by Libby @ 08/09/2003 11:27 PM CST

Hey Seager, Jesse and everyone else. I've been keeping track of your journey and look forward to every report. I was down in Ames for Veisha. Me and George did the unicycle jousting. I've juggled for years, but never improved on it until I saw your Veisha show. It looked like so much fun. I just bought some clubs this week and I'm having a blast getting my juggle on with them. Good luck and safe riding... Joe

Posted by Joe @ 08/09/2003 10:02 PM CST




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