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05/30/2003 Entry: "Holley - Rochester, New York"

Here is a brief update yesterday's ride since Paul's last entry. We stayed at the library in Holley for awhile to plan out our itinerary for the rest of the ride to Boston. When leaving the library, we ran into a couple that we saw earlier in a sailboat on the canal. It turns out that they are on a several year trip and plan to eventually go to Costa Rica. We were advised to take a "short cut" to avoid some of the construction and make it back to the canal a bit faster. This path turned out to be quite scenic and we even saw a waterfall. But as "shortcuts" often do, this turned out to be quite a trek and we did some mountain biking in order to make it back to the canal. The rest of the ride was fairly uneventful until the end of the day. The canal trail was very rough in the Rochester area. Right before we arrived at our overnight stop, we were followed by a couple of girls in a car that were belting out: "I love to ride my bicycle" to the tune of the Queen song. Crazy stuff.

Last night we stayed at the apartment of some jugglers in Rochester. We would like to thank Jeff Lutkus for contacting us and offering us his apartment to stay in. Jeff was out of town, but his roommate Warren greated us and showed us around. After dinner we watched some of the highlights from the vast library of juggling videos at the apartment. Warren is a fantastic juggler and we were awed at his skills. Aparrently Warren is one of many very talented jugglers in Rochester and hopefully some of us can make it back to Rochester for there juggling festival sometime. Thanks for the place to stay!

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Hey, Josh!
Your girlfriend and I are plotting a meeting, perhaps. :)

Irish pubs: There's the Field in Central Sq in Cambridge. A bunch of places near Fanieul Hall by Government Center. Or, you know, walk five feet and you'll find an Irish pub. Also there a few near where I live. :)

And, based on the last route I saw, you're not going past Wellesley! Boo!

Posted by Beth @ 08/12/2003 11:57 AM CST

SIX more days! WOW
Jesse, Steven's wife Virginia says to tell you to look up her parents when you are in Long Island. They are into all the kind of stuff you guys are doing.
Their names are Edwin and Mary Dean Shaddix. Call Janice for the phone # if you don't find it in the phone book. You maynot have time for a visit, but thought I'd pass it on.
Love, Granny

Posted by Granny Carolyn @ 08/10/2003 02:11 PM CST




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