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09/14/2003 Entry: "Ames, Iowa - back home"

Greetings to those of you that are still reading this. As you've probably figured out by now, we're done. We made it in to Boston on the 15th as scheduled. Mark and I made it back to Ames last Monday (the 18th) We would have liked to do an update from Boston, but no internet access presented itself. I'm currrently at a lab in Durham at Iowa State because I don't have internet access at my apartment yet.

I'm going to attempt to relate that last few days of the trip as I best remember them. Realize that it has been awhile and that I'm quickly reverting back to post roadshow habits, like sleeping, so my memory isn't as fresh as I'd like it to be.

*ahem* The last you time you heard from us, with the exception of Chris, was the night of the 13th in Ware (Where? - that joke never gets old), Massachusetts hanging out with Jack and Catchy (chillin like villains - Ozzy). I will begin the harrowing tale of the final days of the Roadshow the next morning. DUH DUH DUH!!!

Ware, Mass to South of Concord, Mass -- (I forgot the actual name of the town, it will be added later)

Jack and Cathy made us breakfast that morning. It ruled. Jack made us homemade smoothies, and they provided tons of donuts and turnovers and bagels and all sorts of good food that we gorged ourselves on. We hung out with them for awhile that morning, and then went on our way. We also said good bye that morning to Mary, Mary, and Adam, the other cyclists who camped with us that night. Good luck, guys.

Once again Mark, Mike and I were in the back of the pack that morning. We ate breakfast/woke up in shifts because we're lazy and also because it worked that better from an eating standpoint. This meant, however, that the other riders got a pretty good start on us. It was a pretty good ride, very beautiful, but also VERY hilly. We definately were back into the mountainous areas. It was supposed to be a 50 mile ride but ended up being 65 mile which my saddle sores didn't appreciate, but we were so close to being done I didn't care. Oh yes, and it was also my birthday, so that was neat. Thank you to all of you that gave me good wishes, and I would like to wish a belated Happy Birthday to Morgan, who's birthday was a day before mine. I wish you could have been here.

The mecanical problems that day included Mark's rack breaking yet another weld, my rear tire lost most of it's rubber so I was running on straight kevlar, Mike sheared off a rack belt, and Jesse developed some scary looking "I'm going to eat you" bulges on his front tire that required it's replacing as well.

We were supposed to spend that night in Concord but decided to go to a town just south of it who's name I don't remember. The distance didn't change, however, so it wasn't a big deal. Rev. Kim of the United Methodist Church in Dalton set us up with the church there. (thanks).

That night we met another cyclist who knows the Boston area quite well and gave us some maps, advice, and food. Unfortunately, I forgot his name because I'm a bad person. He was very helpful in us finding a good route into Boston, so we are very greatful.

If you remember, that was the night of the "Great Blackout of '03" or some junk like that. Luckilly, we had a TV so we could watch all the news people smile themselves silly because they had more bad news to report about. Eventually we just started watching exerpts from musicals on PBS. It was much more enjoyable.

South of Concord to The Shriners Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts

Holy cow it was the last day. As usual we got up and left at slightly seperate times, but this time we met 15 miles out so we could go into Boston as a group. Also, Boston is a gigantic sprawling mess, and we worried is we didn't go in as a group we might never see each other again. The city riding was rather difficult and stressful, and it wouldn't be the Roadshow if we didn't have some mechanical problems. Chris developed a large bulge/hole in his front tire and Mike broke his chain. The first, and only, broken chain of the trip! Congrats!

We made it to the Boston harbor around 2-3 pm where we took lost of pictures and dipped one of the front tires into the water. An hour later we got back on the bikes and headed to the hospital where we met with John of the Tangier Shrine in Omaha (our contact for the whole trip) and did a small show for the children at the hospital. It was really an amazing experience.

post Roadshow

The next day we started to say our goodbyes. We stayed at the Hospital that night. During the day Norm and Josh left, Jesse and Paul did the walking tour and then Jesse left, and Mark, Mike, and I wandered around Boston with our juggling props and played in the park some. That night we wandered around Boston and hit a bunch of live music. Mark, Mike, Paul and I stayed at the hospital again that night and then got on the greyhound the next day to head home.

There will be an entry made by every roadshow member soon, saying their goodbyes and summarizing their experience with the trip. Some time will then be alotted for reader comments, and then this journal will be locked so no further editing can be made so it will stay "historical". Once it is locked the guestbook will still be availble for viewer comments. Thanks for reading.


The End.

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I wrote a short piece for The Daily Astorian about your departure June 5 from the Peter Iredale. I wanted to write a follow up and have got some information from your web site.
I would be grateful, however, if you could let me know what the highlights of the trip were for each of you, and if you know yet how much money you raised.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by Lyn Baker @ 08/26/2003 01:06 PM CST

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