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08/10/2003 Entry: "Ames at last"

I can't believe its over. After 4 days of classes, a new job, lots of unpacking and general hecticness, I'm slowly getting used to not riding everyday. If you want to know more of what I'm up to, click more.

Okay. Here's that "more" thing I promised a second ago. Reaching Boston and the hospital there was quite a thrill, juggling for the kids there was lots of fun, staying in one of the 'family rooms" was wonderful. Thanks to everyone who supported us along the way and especially to all who made donations. I enjoyed myself incredibly this summer. Riding that much was really fun, doing it with some other fun guys who juggle and raising some funds for a very worthwhile cause was unimaginable. Even the days that were really hard and I felt horrible after barely making it through were more enjoyable in retrospect than school or work. I miss it already. If it weren't for friends and family, and the need to finish college, I would have considered just riding until money ran out, then finding away to get a few hundred more dollars and riding some more. If you've been thinking of doing some touring, get out there and do it. I made it on less than $10 a day and even with a bike and all my gear total cost was under $2000 and there are certainly some places I could've saved money. I can't wait until I have the opportunity to do something like this again. Sadly, I'm not sure I will, at least not with other jugglers for charity. But who knows, I might organize something smaller but similar in the future. Seeing that much of the country at such a slow speed was incredible, being able to stop and look at all the small pieces of beauty that exist on the roadside or in parks or all around was something I'll miss.

The biggest surprise, for me at least, was the number of friendly people we ran into, those folks who let us camp in their yards, or who bought us dinner or something. I was prepared for the average american to not care at all who we were or what we were doing in their town. Nearly everyone we ran into was friendly and supportive. Except for RVs. They are evil. Now after that bit of non-sequiter, I'll mention that I am going to attempt to stay in shape, and to improve my juggling and performing skills.

This summer, I saw and was a part of some amazing things, I had tons of fun and wish it didn't have to end.

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I was amazed when I kept hearing from Josh about all the nice people ya'll met and I was even more amazed during the short time I was traveling with you guys and seeing it for myself. Sort of makes up for all the mean and stupid people I know.

Posted by Amy @ 08/28/2003 02:43 PM CST

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